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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] UseCanonicalName (1.3/2.x)
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 17:56:02 GMT
Jim Jagielski wrote:

> Brad Nicholes wrote:
>>>Also, this exposes a bug, I think, in 2.0/2.1.
>>>parsed_uri.port is valid iff parsed_uri.port_str != NULL.
>>>Currently, we are testing just to see if parsed_uri.port
>>>itself isn't 0.
>>What you are saying then is that without testing parsed_uri.port_str,
>>there is no way of knowing if port 0 could actually be a valid port or
>>if parsed_uri.port contains garbage that just happens to look like a
>>port.  The former depends on whether port 0 can actually be a valid port
>>and the latter depends on how the parsed_uri structure is initialized.
>>>From what I can see (prelim look into the URI parsing) it is
> possible for port to be garbage if port_str == NULL. Exactly
> what kind of garbage is undefined... it could be 0 for some
> and *real* garbage for others... The check for port!=0 doesn't
> suffice to ensure that the value used for port is *valid*.
> Note that a garbage value of port that is non-zero would
> be used as valid in 2.x right now...

any hints on how to reproduce this problem?

is there some bad or unhelpful behavior in apr_uri_parse() that should be 
changed?  (i.e., don't let port be non-zero if port_str is NULL)

it looks to me that apr_uri_parse() can set port_str to "" in some cases where 
there is no explicit port specified and the port integer is set to the default 
port of the scheme:

        uptr->port_str = apr_pstrmemdup(p, s, uri - s);
         if (uri != s) {
             port = strtol(uptr->port_str, &endstr, 10);
             uptr->port = port;
             if (*endstr == '\0') {
                 goto deal_with_path;
             /* Invalid characters after ':' found */
             return APR_EGENERAL;
         uptr->port = apr_uri_port_of_scheme(uptr->scheme);
         goto deal_with_path;

in this case, I don't see that checking port_str is going to do the right 

Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree, but I get the feeling that maybe the real 
problem is that apr_uri_parse() doesn't return with port and port_str set to 
consistent values, and that this must be fixed anyway, and once it is fixed 
then it doesn't matter whether or not other code checks port or port_str.

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