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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: the wheel of httpd-dev life is surely slowing down, solutionsplease
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 12:29:05 GMT
Ace Suares wrote:

> Brent Putnam has told me that mod_auth_ldap in 2.0 differs from 1.3 (the 
> external rudedog module) and that his patch won't work, and that he has no 
> time on his hands at the moment. Okay, that means that as only option I can 
> just post a bug report, and I will... In the hope that the next 2.0.x release 
> will have it fixed. I mean, I downgraded from apache2 because of this 
> problem! Only to discover it was there in 1.3 + rudedog too. But the rudedog 
> module got fixed by Brent Putnam, but alas the maintainer of the rudedog 
> module [Dave] hasn't reacted to my request to patch 1.6.0. 
> So, there's a dead end there too... I love Open Source development >:-)

The wheels turn slowly, but they do turn. If you expect people to be at 
your beck and call, to apply the patches immediately as they're 
submitted, then you're going to have to pay us :)

The patch is available that in theory should solve your problem, so you 
should not have a need to downgrade from v2.0 - if the patch is in 
bugzilla then it won't fall through the cracks, and once I've achieved 
the impossible for my client by the end of this weekend, I'll have some 
time to review and apply it - you're going to have to be patient though.

Your effort in hunting down the problem in the first place is greatly 
appreciated - the end result is that Apache has one less bug and is mroe 
stable than before, but this stuff still takes time...


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