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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: Problem with ordering of modules in IHS 1x
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 13:30:15 GMT
Swapan Gupta wrote:

> I am having a problem with the ordering of modules with IHS, based upon 
> Apache1x.
> I have two modules which have their functions scheduled to be executed 
> during the same phase (Check Access).
> The functions get executed in a reverse order than the one I intend to. 
> The same is true even if I swap the positions of loading the modules in 
> the httpd.conf file.

Do you have just LoadModule for the modules, or LoadModule and ClearModuleList 
and AddModule?  If your config file has

<series of LoadModule directives>


<series of AddModule directives>

then the order of the LoadModule directives doesn't matter and instead the 
order of the AddModule matters.

> Is there a way by which I could explicitly specify the order of 
> execution of the functions in the same phase vis-à-vis other modules 
> having functions defined for the execution in the same phase? Basically 
> I want to execute my function at the end of a particular phase (check 
> access), so that even if there are other modules defining function for 
> check access phase, my function gets executed at last. Is there a way 
> out to do this?

no, in Apache 1.3 the order of LoadModule or AddModule determines the order in 
which the hooks will be called

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