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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Re: mod_auth_ldap does not handle backslashes in uids?
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 18:42:51 GMT
I am now 99% certain the issue is in Microsoft's LDAP SDK.  See the bug 
comments for details.

Can this be fixed in the next Apache 2.0.x?  [The bug comments include 
my code changes albeit not done nicely enough to be a patch.]

Jess Holle

Jess Holle wrote:

> Sorry to ping this group in addition to filing a bug (#24437), but I'm 
> in bad shape here.
> I know I have customers who have directories filled with uids with 
> backslashes (\) embedded in them (from an NT domain name heritage).
> Apache 2.0.47 over-escapes these whereas Apache 1.3.x with auth_ldap 
> 1.6.0 is fine (auth_ldap 1.4.7 had issues, though).  I need Apache 2 
> to work (as Apache 1.3.x has other issues on Windows...)
> -- 
> Jess Holle

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