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From Chris Knight <>
Subject Apache gprof profiling
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 00:34:27 GMT
Hi all, I found some mention of profiling Apache with gprof via google. 
I tried the following:

% setenv CFLAGS '-pg -DGPROF -g'
% ./configure [my configure flags]
% make; make install; cd $PREFIX
[alter the conf file to set the MaxRequestsPerChild to 1]
% bin/httpd -X
[make a request and close the connection, which should cause httpd to 
terminate normally.]

I should end up with a "gmon.out" file that I can then feed to gprof, 
but I'm not. Is there a step I'm missing and/or is this possible? For 
that matter, is there any official documentation regarding profiling?

(In reality I want to profile a particular module but I thought it would 
be interesting to profile all of Apache's internals as well to get a 
complete picture.)

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