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From "Swapan Gupta" <>
Subject RE: Problem with ordering of modules in IHS 1x
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 13:50:10 GMT
Yes, my config file does have ClearModule List and AddModule directives.
Moreover, the ordering of LoadModule directives and AddModule directives is in the same as
I want it to be, ie., entries for my module are in the end in the respective sets.
But still it is the same behaviour.

Basically my module intends to use some HTTP request headers that are being set by the other
module, but the functions which are doing this job in both the modules are in the same phase
(check access).

In the case of Apache1x, my function gets the HTTP headers which are set by the function of
the other module, but in the case of IHS1x it is not able to get that HTTP header.


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From: Jeff Trawick [] 
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2003 7:00 PM
Subject: Re: Problem with ordering of modules in IHS 1x

Swapan Gupta wrote:

> I am having a problem with the ordering of modules with IHS, based upon 
> Apache1x.
> I have two modules which have their functions scheduled to be executed 
> during the same phase (Check Access).
> The functions get executed in a reverse order than the one I intend to. 
> The same is true even if I swap the positions of loading the modules in 
> the httpd.conf file.

Do you have just LoadModule for the modules, or LoadModule and ClearModuleList 
and AddModule?  If your config file has

<series of LoadModule directives>


<series of AddModule directives>

then the order of the LoadModule directives doesn't matter and instead the 
order of the AddModule matters.

> Is there a way by which I could explicitly specify the order of 
> execution of the functions in the same phase vis-à-vis other modules 
> having functions defined for the execution in the same phase? Basically 
> I want to execute my function at the end of a particular phase (check 
> access), so that even if there are other modules defining function for 
> check access phase, my function gets executed at last. Is there a way 
> out to do this?

no, in Apache 1.3 the order of LoadModule or AddModule determines the order in 
which the hooks will be called

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