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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject 1.3 Wishlist: (Was: Re: consider reopening 1.3)
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2003 20:54:59 GMT

On Nov 16, 2003, at 4:12 AM, Glenn wrote:

> *** We need to get back many of the disenfranchised Apache 1.3 
> developers
> Killing Apache 1.3 is not a good option.  There is a strong "business"
> need in many places to stay with Apache 1.3.
> The better option is reopening the 1.3 tree.
> Release 1.4 and open a 1.5 dev tree, with the specific intent on
> having the 1.4 release eventually map _directly_ into a _seamless_
> upgrade to Apache 2.x, with very easy and clear directions for using
> a reverse proxy for those legacy 1.3 third-pary modules.)  While
> upgrading is not hard for developers, Apache is not a simple product.
> We need an even-better (tm) way to get users from There (Apache 1.3)
> to Here (Apache 2.x).  Yes, more trees are extra work, but this
> community is rapidly deteriorating without them.

Again, "opening" 1.3 and then having 1.4/1.5 are 2 distinct issues
and I think you make things harder by lumping them together.

I'm also curious about what a 1.4/1.5 would do that the current 1.3
does not which would provide a "seamless" upgrade. Are you talking
API or what? As someone who's preformed numerous such migrations,
the actual mechanics of doing so are meager, especially if
you stay prefork.

This doesn't mean I'm not +1 for making 1.3 more actively developed
(the reverse in fact), but if we're going to do it, having
real concrete reasons why makes sense.

So a useful topic is: What is *missing* in 1.3 that needs to be 
What are the features/additions that the disenfranchised 1.3 developers
want to add to 1.3...

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