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From joe angth <>
Subject apache virtual host setup
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 19:09:54 GMT
What's everyone's opinion the settings for virtual
hosting with apache?
I have two ideas on how to set this up.
Idea one:
creating a directory in /var/www/ called virthosts and
inside that having htdocs, cgi-bin, logs, and conf,
thereby "containerizing" each virtual host server.
Each virtual host would then have each of the items in
/var/www, and would be completely seperate from the
other virtual hosts.

Idea two:
just putting everything in htdocs. By this I mean in
htdocs you would have site1, site2, etc. 

Both ideas are just as easy to implement, but what are
the benefits/drawbacks of using either? Or if anyone
has any better ideas on how to set up virtual hosts.


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