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From "Marc G. Fournier" <>
Subject RE: consider reopening 1.3
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2003 20:35:22 GMT

On Sun, 16 Nov 2003, Peter J. Cranstone wrote:

> You know Rasmus you just hit the nail on the head...
> >> It will be years before I can even consider Apache2,
> >> given the architecture and API differences between the two
> Everybody on this list should take a moment and re-read those two sentences.
> It's why 2.x isn't moving. Not only is it complicated to move, the net
> result is "not much different than they have now".

just to pop my 2 cents worth in here ... I have some clients that have
deployed under Apache2 ... the major headache(s) that I've had to date is
that the FreeBSD thread support is still listed as unusable:

            * If you are building on FreeBSD, be aware that threads will
              be disabled and the prefork MPM will be used by default,
              as threads do not work well with Apache on FreeBSD.  If
              you wish to try a threaded Apache on FreeBSD anyway, use
              "./configure --enable-threads".

and mod_* support ... last I checked, mod_gzip is still Apache1-only,
everytime someone asks about Apache2 on the PHP mailing lists, the general
answer seems to be "we're waiting for the API to settle down" ...

For me, the big benefit to Apache2 is/will be going to threaded, so until
either the FreeBSD/threaded issue is resolved, I'm "stuck" with Apache1 :(

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