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From Albert Chin <>
Subject mod_ldap SEGV while caching on FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE
Date Sun, 02 Nov 2003 04:47:27 GMT
I have an Intel S875WP1-E with FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE running Apache
2.0.48 prefork with mod_ldap enabled, built against OpenLDAP 2.1.23.
I'm getting a SEGV when I have ldap caching enabled. It seems the
contents of the global util_ldap_cache is being corrupted. If I set a
breakpoint at util_ald_cache_insert, I see this right before the SEGV:
  #0  util_ald_cache_insert (cache=0x30048018, payload=0x80c3540)
      at util_ldap_cache_mgr.c:390
  #1  0x2841260d in util_ald_create_caches (st=0x80dad98, 
      url=0x8153600 "[AuthLDAPUrl argument]") at util_ldap_cache_mgr.c:275
  #2  0x28410952 in util_ldap_cache_checkuserid (r=0x814d050, ldc=0x80c3248, 
      url=0x8153600 "[AuthLDAPUrl argument]", 
      basedn=0x81536b0 "[LDAP BASE DN]", scope=1, 
      filter=0xbfbfd768 "[LDAP QUERY STRING]", 
      bindpw=0x8153b56 "[PASSWORD]", binddn=0xbfbfd754, retvals=0xbfbff768)
      at util_ldap.c:765
  #3  0x28417bf5 in mod_auth_ldap_check_user_id (r=0x814d050)
      at mod_auth_ldap.c:366

  gdb> print util_ldap_cache 
  $37 = (util_ald_cache_t *) 0x30048018
  gdb> print util_ldap_cache->maxentries
  $38 = 675356296

The 675356296 should be 50 (from util_ldap_cache_init in
util_ldap_cache.c). The SEGV comes from:
  gdb> print util_ldap_cache->hash
  $39 = (long unsigned int (*)()) 0

What can I do to track this down?

albert chin (

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