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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject Re: module load order
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2003 21:14:40 GMT
> I was just asked again by a user about the load order of modules.
> While it seems that it is now with Apache2 less important, and also
> ClearModuleList and AddModule are removed now with Apache2, I think it
> is at least still important for auth modules. So I searched the manual
> for any hints, specially about the fact that the last module loaded is
> the first module in the auth chain

This is true for 1.3, but not for 2.0. For 2.0 the module order of the
auth modules is undefined. They all register with the same priority at
the same hook(s). The sort is done with qsort, which does not guaranty a
stable ordering. It can differ from build to build, from libc to libc
and from httpd.conf to httpd.conf. This is a real problem if you want to
use the Auth*Authoritative directives. This problem has been solved in
the 2.1 source tree by introducing the provider mechanism for auth

> - but I couldnt find anything about
> that, or I'm too blind to find... also in the 1.3 manual I found
> nothing, even not where ClearModuleList and AddModule are
> documented...

For the 1.3 docs I'm not sure. The original 2.0 docs do not document
that, that's true :( At least one third-party book does ;). It is on my
todo list to add it. Hope I'll find the time to do it soon.


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