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From Ben Collins-Sussman <>
Subject Re: consider reopening 1.3
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2003 17:21:05 GMT
On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 11:11, Jeff Trawick wrote:

> > - patch management
> >   many patches posted to this list or the bug db languish in limbo.
> >   Very little happens until a core contributor decides to take over a patch
> >   (more often than not it is more than simply shepherding it)
> >   Little feedback; it often feels like nobody's home to answer the phone...
> This is a big hole which will be addressed, even if I have to quit my job, 
> abandon my family, find shelter from the wind and rain somewhere that has WiFi 
> access, etc.  (No, not really.  But this isn't a simple situation that can be 
> solved by proclamation.  We already have the will, we just need to have some 
> procedures to help us focus that will.)

FWIW:  in the Subversion project, we've assigned the hat of "patch
manager" to a volunteer in the community.  He watches patches come in. 
If any patch goes unanswered for a week or more, the patch manager files
it in the issuetracker.  No more lost patches.  If anything, it makes
the patches even more prominent -- when developers are scanning the bug
database for a "quickie" to fix, the small patches stand out.

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