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From Sönke Tesch>
Subject Re: Web server log spam
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2003 16:25:30 GMT
Andres L. Figari wrote:
: My customers are receiving an increasing number of false and deceptive
: web logs entries.  

: I imagine that pretty soon, as this catches on, web server logs and
: statistic programs may be useless or worthless as so much of the
: information may be filled with junk.  

IMHO the logs should basically only be used to check if the server is
working correctly, if all users find their way and for traffic accounting.
Most of the rest is already more or less useless junk, sorry ;)

: I was thinking of
: something like module similar to spam assassin, something that could
: maybe verify the existence of the referrer or check for content and
: such...  

Best thing you can do is simply ignore this. By verifying referrers you
just make things worse, you increase traffic dramatically (yours and on
the Net), you use up bandwidth and cycles and you show those spammers
that you actually care about their spam (they count requests, not views).

Instead of digging in the referrers, people should better take a close
look at the user agent data, which can be quite entertaining :)


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