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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject ap_http_method and ap_default_port
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 13:20:36 GMT
hi all...

   I'm thinking about opening up ap_hook_http_method and 
ap_hook_default_port to Perl, but I want to make sure that I'm getting their 
use right.

   I see how ap_http_method and ap_default_port are used in the code.  what 
is a bit confusing is the name 'ap_http_method' - it would seem that 
ap_default_scheme would be a better name, as it represents the default 
scheme for a URI, which is not necessarily HTTP if the server is being used 
to serve a different protocol.

   is there some history with the name that somebody could share?

   what I'm picturing in the mod_perl world is a PerlDefaultPortHandler and 
a PerlDefaultSchemeHandler, both of which would be used to set the proper 
fallback port and scheme when the server is being used for something other 
than HTTP.

   but if 'ap_http_method' isn't a misnomer, it would indicate that these 
really aren't the protocol-related hooks they appear (to me) to be.  am I on 
the right track?


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