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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: ap_invoke_handler
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 20:43:16 GMT
> Ahhh.  Now look at the code below.  WHO removes the byterange filter?
> Answer, the byterange filter removes itself.

That's perfectly clear, and it's common practice.  I (and evidently
others) read your previous post as disallowing that, causing a
raised eyebrow.

>	  It *knows* there are no partially
> processed buckets that it is holding on to.  Nobody else is allowed to add
> or remove a filter - but the filter may remove itself when it knows this is
> a safe operation.

May I humbly submit there are other perfectly safe situations:
  (1) Any filter in its filter_init phase can remove another
      filter (some of my output filters remove the Content-Length
      filter - as it was causing bogus results on HEAD requests).
  (2) In the main loop, a filter can remove another from later
      in the chain before any data have been passed through.
  (3) Where another filter's behavious is known to be safe
      (mod_diagnostics filters can be removed at any time).

Nick Kew

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