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From "Andres L. Figari" <>
Subject RE: Web server log spam
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2003 19:05:02 GMT
Hi Sönke

Thanks for writing back :)

: IMHO the logs should basically only be used to check if the server is
: working correctly, if all users find their way and for traffic
: Most of the rest is already more or less useless junk, sorry ;)

Granted, but most folks I know use it to get an idea of their traffic.
No need to say sorry if you share your opinion :)

: Best thing you can do is simply ignore this. By verifying referrers
: just make things worse, you increase traffic dramatically (yours and
: the Net), you use up bandwidth and cycles and you show those spammers
: that you actually care about their spam (they count requests, not

Yes, I agree, and I have learned, I have scripted a different method for
tracking my ads using php and mysql :D

: Instead of digging in the referrers, people should better take a close
: look at the user agent data, which can be quite entertaining :)

But this too can be faked ;)  I can fill it with a personal message and
all if I wanted.  I guess best way is to give up on using logs for
reliable traffic data.



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