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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject Re: Apache warning: Connection refused: connect to listener
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 04:23:06 GMT
On Mon, 29 Sep 2003, Alex Hart wrote:

> I just installed Apache/2.0.47 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.0.47 OpenSSL/0.9.7b in
> my server (freebsd 4.8) and everything seems to be working fine. I have
> apache configured to serve both secure and insecure pages.
> However, I keep getting the following line in my error log file
> (thousands of times):
> [Wed Sep 24 12:51:15 2003] [warn] (61)Connection refused: connect to
> listener
> I have thousands of these warnings now in just a couple of days. I can't
> figure out any pattern to them. I get this warning even when I don't
> have any activity going on with the web server.  It also happens if I
> don't have any SSL virtual hosts set up. I notice no problems with any
> web pages, secure or not.
> When I recompile apache without mod_ssl, the warning goes away.
> I've scoured the Internet but I can't find a thing about this warning.
> Does anyone have any idea about why this is happening?

Okay, here's a couple of things for you to check on to help me track down
what's going on (I'm cc'ing dev@httpd in case anybody else has guesses).

 1) Is your server compiled with -D SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT?
 2) Which MPM are you using?

    You can find out the answers to both of these by running ./httpd -V
    from /usr/local/apache2/bin or wherever your httpd binary is
    installed.  For example:

    root@deepthought:/root/apache/test/bin# ./httpd -V
    Server version: Apache/2.1.0-dev
    Server built:   Aug 12 2003 16:43:24
    Server's Module Magic Number: 20030213:1
    Architecture:   32-bit
    Server compiled with....
     -D APACHE_MPM_DIR="server/mpm/worker"
     -D APR_HAVE_IPV6 (IPv4-mapped addresses enabled)
     -D HTTPD_ROOT="/root/apache/test"
     -D SUEXEC_BIN="/root/apache/test/bin/suexec"
     -D DEFAULT_SCOREBOARD="logs/apache_runtime_status"
     -D DEFAULT_ERRORLOG="logs/error_log"
     -D AP_TYPES_CONFIG_FILE="conf/mime.types"
     -D SERVER_CONFIG_FILE="conf/httpd.conf"


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