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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject Re: ScriptLog
Date Sun, 07 Sep 2003 01:32:01 GMT
On Sun, 7 Sep 2003, Erik Abele wrote:

> Hmm, yeah, but this won't help with the problem Cliff is facing, I
> guess: he is probably logged into and wants to debug a
> script he's developing right now, so (pre-)enabling it in the server
> config makes no sense. It'd be really nice to have the possibility to
> enable script/rewrite logging 'on the fly' without any changes to the
> config, besides a AllowOverride option (and with the downside of
> opening/closing the logfile per request).

Exactly right.  Well, *I* had the ability to fix it on since
I've got root access now, but it just occurred to me that it was probably
a feature somebody somewhere had probably wanted.

> Or do you possibly think about something similar to the following:
> ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ ...
> <Location /cgi-bin/debug>
>     ScriptLog ...
>     ScriptLogBuffer ...
> </Location>

Well, maybe, but this doesn't help if a user's cgi-bins are in their own
directory and they don't have write access to the main /cgi-bin.  Not that
I don't think the above would be useful in general.  :)


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