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From "Aryeh Katz" <>
Subject allocator is NULL if I use heap buckets
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 17:42:56 GMT
I've encountered the following issue with my module development, and I was 
wondering if I could get a pointer.
I'm writing an ouput filter that must write independent data like mod_status or 
Rather than using rputs and the like, I used the brigade code.
What I'm seeing is, if I allocate my data bucket using transient buckets, all is 
However, when I allocate a heap bucket, allocator (and ONLY allocator) 
somehow becomes NULL when the time comes to destroy the brigade 
(which causes a seg fault).
I am using the bucket_allocation function from the connection, and 
APR_POOL_DEBUG set to all didn't show any pool life problems.
Is there something I can look at to find out why I am having bucket lifetime 
problems with heap buckets, or should I just stick to transient buckets.

Aryeh Katz
Secured-Services Inc.

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