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From Astrid Keßler <>
Subject Re: ScriptLog
Date Sun, 07 Sep 2003 18:10:02 GMT
Erik wrote.

> On 06/09/2003, at 11:43, Astrid Keßler wrote:

>> Cliff wrote:
>>> Yes, it would.  But for a debug log it's a price I'm willing to
>>> accept.
>> Just an unformed idea: allow these directives within <Directory> (and
>> <Location>?), but not within .htaccess files. The log file could be
>> opened as usual.

> Hmm, yeah, but this won't help with the problem Cliff is facing, I
> guess: he is probably logged into and wants to debug a
> script he's developing right now, so (pre-)enabling it in the server
> config makes no sense.

> It'd be really nice to have the possibility to
> enable script/rewrite logging 'on the fly' without any changes to the
> config, besides a AllowOverride option (and with the downside of
> opening/closing the logfile per request).

> Or do you possibly think about something similar to the following:

> ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ ...
> <Location /cgi-bin/debug>
>     ScriptLog ...
>     ScriptLogBuffer ...
> </Location>

> where you'd have a dedicated sub directory to test your scripts. Hmm,
> why not?

Sorry, I've been thinking more generally of providers which want to
allow their customers some logging without running the risk of very a
poor performance. My idea was, to pre-enable it in the conf and activate
it in the .htaccess files if necessay (e.g., using something like
EnableScriptLog On). This would allow to open the logfile at server
start, even if it is not used later. The idea behind was, to get rid of
opening and closing the log file per request. It was an early thought,
not very elaborated.

This morning nd and I had an interesting discussion. We've been talking
about how to allow per-directory configuration without leaving the
performance to the users sanity. Our discussion was based on the idea
to limit log files per virtual host and process. This would have the
advantage of limiting the perfomance slump, which may sway providers to
use this feature - to allow enabling script/rewrite logging on the fly.
nd could describe the details much better ...


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