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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject RE: Fwd: Re: [patch] maxmemfree
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 20:16:54 GMT
On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, Brad Nicholes wrote:

>     I will check in the patch for initializing the ap_max_mem_free
> global in the MPMs as was included in the patch file.  I will leave the
> implementation of maxmemfree up to you and Jean-Jacques since you both
> have been more involved with that side of it than I have.

Oh, I didn't actually see that patch there.  Okay, that's cool.  I'll go
check in what I sent to you all a while back plus the fix for the bug that
Jean-Jacques found, and then you can check in the init patch, and then
hopefully some Win32 person (FirstBill? OtherBill?  :) will implement
MaxMemFree on the windows mpm.


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