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From "Aryeh Katz" <>
Subject Re: ap_run_sub_req and content length
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 13:02:17 GMT
> > I wrote here earlier about using ap_run_sub_req to send a response
> > to a client, and I receieved excellent advice, thank you. There is
> > one thing I was wondering. I see that the Encoding is chunked. I
> > would prefer to set the Content-Length to the correct length, rather
> > than use  chunked encoding. How can I do this (other than reading
> > the brigades, then running ap_set_content)?
> You don't really have the ability to directly control this.
> The content-length filter in combination with ap_set_keepalive
> determine whether chunking is used.  Generally speaking, if the first
> ap_pass_brigade call contains the EOS, Content-Length will be sent. 

Aryeh Katz
Secured-Services Inc.

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