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From Bert Radke <>
Subject Problem designing modul
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 13:04:10 GMT
Hi list,

I have received the task to write a modul to solve a particular problem in
one of our applications. We use the Oracle IAS with Apache 1.3 and
mod_plsqll. Some of the requests involve long-running DB queries. 
this long queries cause one proxy to think that that there is a problem ..

So the idea is to have a modul, that relays the request to mod_plsql and
supervise that there is a resonse in a specified time. If so, the 
resulting html
is returned, otherwise the intercepting modul is to generate a page and 
for mod_plsql to complete (The result of  the query is to save for later 

I' ve done a lot of reading and managed to build a modul that generates 
sample code. But I have problems to understand how I can redirect the 
request to
mod_plsql and still have controll over the request. I 've read how to 
generate a
redirect or an internal redirection. But if I understand right, I would 
than not have
any way to
a) test if the request is answered in time; and
b) receive the gerated html output.

The only way I see in the monent is to open a socket and make a http 
request onto
the original destination (mod_plsql). Looking into mod_proxy, this seems 
a nontrivial
task, so I would rather avoid this.

I would be thankfull on any hints how to solve this problem, maybe there 
is a simplier
way than the one discribed?

I hope this is the right place to ask this sort of question, but I could 
not find any other.


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