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From "Aryeh Katz" <>
Subject ap_run_sub_req problem
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 19:37:48 GMT
In certain circumstances, I need to do an internal redirect on the client's 
request (without sending back a redirect to the client).
I tried using ap_sub_req_method_uri (specifying NULL for the filter), and then 
I see that the content type of the new request is correct (in my case, 
image/gif). However, when the request is sent to the client, the content type 
is text/plain. Thus, the reply to the client doesn't render properly.
I suspect I am not invoking ap_run_sub_req properly.
Is there something I should know about how to invoke run_sub_req?

Aryeh Katz
Secured-Services Inc.

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