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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject Re: strip rewritelog functionality per compiler option
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 23:22:50 GMT
André Malo wrote:
> On high-traffic production sites it is unlikely that RewriteLog will ever be
> used, so it may be desirable to strip the code entirely per compiler option
> from mod_rewrite.

-0 from me.

from a high-traffic site's perspecitve, I don't think we would use this 

we use the rewritelog directive for debugging sometimes, and having a 
common binary makes our lives a bit easier.

the only thing that someone noticed over here is that the file is opened 
if the directive is present, which is kinda annoying.

are you seeing some performance problems here?


FWIW.. our main webservers are usually run with light loads, to help 
handle flash crowds, and to have some breathing room when network/other 
hiccups occur in our environment

> This shortens the binary (here, DSO) about 10k and saves a lot of cycles
> (because there's still some logic there, even if RewriteLog is turned off).
> A patch could look like the attached one. What do you think? Objections
> anyone?
> Thanks, nd

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