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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: What is the point of aprutil.exp?
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 10:27:08 GMT
Ken Ashcraft wrote:
> used.  It appears that functions like
> apr_os_exp_time_get
> apr_threadkey_private_create
> apr_poll_socket_clear
> are only ever used in the files server/exports.c and
> srclib/apr/exports.c.

Such functions are provided by APR but apparently not used by Apache 
httpd.  But Apache httpd is just one APR app...  there are others that 
may use them.

> aprutil.exp during the build process, but I don't understand what
> aprutil.exp is used for.

Certain Apache httpd modules (and presumably other APR apps) on AIX use 
aprutil.exp (and apr.exp and maybe httpd.exp) to specify which symbols 
they rely on from libaprutil (and libapr and maybe httpd).

This is the only way to link users of such routines on old AIX, and it 
is a  non-default but viable way to link users of such routines on newer 

> Is this how modules interface with the core code?  If so, does that mean
> that these functions can be called asynchronously?

what modules are we talking about?

what does "asynchronously" mean?

does it help to understand that apr and aprutil exist independently of 
httpd, and that httpd is just one user of the features provided by apr 
and aprutil?

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