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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Remove ap_*_client_block in 2.1 series
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2003 16:39:39 GMT
I'd like to axe ap_{setup|should|get}_block in future releases (i.e. 2.1+).

The problems with ap_*_client_block are:

- Errors can not be returned to the client successfully (only -1 allowed)
- Inconsistencies because the filtering API returns EOSes inlined with data
  (ap_get_client_block requires a separate call for EOS return)
- Duplicate processing of headers to support ap_should_client_block.
  (We'll be able to shrink request_rec a bit.)

We've supported it in 2.0 alongside the new ap_get_brigade API.  I've got a 
fix for Stas's showstopper in the tree for 2.1 that I proposed for 2.0.  But, 
I'd like to yank it for 2.1 because I don't believe we should be supporting 
this API moving forward.

If no one speaks up, I'll yank it in about a week or so.  The only module left 
in our tree that still supports it is mod_isapi.  I don't have access to a 
Win32 box, but I *could* try to take a blind pass at making it call 
ap_get_brigade instead.  -- justin

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