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From Todd Weaver <>
Subject Tracing dynamic content calls and subroutines for performance tuning
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 18:20:53 GMT
I use Linux Apache1.3/mod_perl/mason, dbd::mysql.

Is there a way to show a trace of an incoming request,
and ALL the components called (perl subroutines etc),
with their start times and end times.

(if there is no way, I am interested in authoring,
 with some guidance/assistance, a third party software to do so,
 so if anybody is interested, please let me know)

This information would help greatly with tracking down blocking,
or slow components.

An example output of what would be useful:
1.                10ms
2.                  15ms
3.             25ms
4.           300ms
5.                    75ms
6.                        10ms

I haven't seen anything that can do that, the closest thing was running an actual truss/strace/trace
on a single process, which doesn't quite return what I am searching for (unless somebody knows
how to tweak the output better than I), as well as it wouldn't be able to do this for all
the development machine's requests

The intention would be to either log this information on a per request basis for a development
machine, or possibly even displaying the information at the base of each page during development.

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