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From Ron Park <>
Subject mod_include: YABU (yet another bug uncovered)
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 20:09:03 GMT
Hi Again,

Well, we've come across another mod_include/cross brigade bug for which we
currently don't yet have a patch (should have one soon but thought I'd give
others a crack at it). :D

Here are two simple snippets, one which works, one which causes a core
dump even with the latest patch of mod_include:

<!--#if expr="$FALSE" -->True<!^P--#set var="v" value="t" -->Set<!--#else -->False<!--#set
var="v" value="t" -->Set<!--#endif -->Done

<!--#if expr="$FALSE" -->T<!^P--#set var="v" value="t" -->Set<!--#else -->False<!--#set
var="v" value="t" -->Set<!--#endif -->Done

(The Cntl-P is to cause mod_bucketeer to fire off: need the following
setting in your conf file to get this to work:

AddOutputFilter BUCKETEER;INCLUDES .html

Put each snippet in a file in your docroot, say, true.html and t.html and give
them a try.

I'm pretty sure it's related to the code around line 491 of mod_include.c
(at least that's the part that works differently for each one) but I haven't
figured out how it's wrong.


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