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From "Sung Kim" <>
Subject RCS files for httpd-2.0 and apache-1.3 CVS modules
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 23:14:37 GMT
Dear Apache HTTP Server Deveopers,

We are doing some research on a NSF-funded project titled IVA(Instability
Visualization and Analysis), Basically, IVA reads all
revisions and deltas from SCM systems like CVS. Based on the data, IVA can
tell which module or part is instable (changes frequently when other modules
are changed) and visualize them.

We would like to run IVA against the apache httpd server repository which
has the one of longest revision histories among open source projects. But,
we assume
fetching all revisions, deltas directly from public apache CVS server is not
a suitable way, since it may incur high traffic or possibly take the CVS
server down.

We are wondering if it is possible to get all RCS files of httpd-2.0 and
apache-1.3 modules of CVS so that we can copy all RCS files in our local CVS
server. We are going to use the RCS file for ONLY research purpose and do
not intend to make the revision history publically available.

We really appreciated it.
Sung Kim
Dept. of Computer Science
Baskin Engineering
University of California, Santa Cruz

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