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From Adam Warner <>
Subject Re: suexec+CGI = zombies in 1.3.28
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 00:12:58 GMT
Hi Cliff Woolley,

> For those not watching the bugzilla notices, I direct your attention to
> bug 21737:
> Apparently there has been a regression in 1.3.28 from 1.3.27 whereby CGI
> scripts are getting left around as zombies when suexec is in use,
> apparently because of a change in src/main/alloc.c that altered the
> behavior when sending SIGTERM to a child process.  With suexec, the
> SIGTERM at line 2862 will fail not because the subprocess is dead
> already but because the httpd uid has no permission to term the cgi
> process, which is running as some other user.

Just a long shot but is the regression in 2.0.47 as well? I've been
getting defunct processes with nothing being served and the clincher is
that all my HTML pages are served via CGI/suexec. I wrote this to Apache
User a couple of days ago:

Thom noted that it may be related to this bug report:


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