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From André Malo>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3 STATUS
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 21:51:33 GMT
* wrote:

>          jim: core_server_conf is not exported, per se, but does this
>   +           require nonetheless a MMN (minor) bump? I vote
>   +           +1 if the code is adjusted to (1) allow a value of 0,
>   +           meaning no limit (ala MaxRequestsPerChild) and further
>   +           testing that the default limit of 10 is not too low.

hmm. The zero limit should not be a problem. The testing seems a bit
complicated to me. But if it'd help, I'd say, let's be generous and give it
20 ;-)

Both for 1.3 only, IMHO. (backwards compat)
And before this hangs around just another month, I'll give a +1 on a MMN minor

Folks, please wake up. Do we need a minor bump for 1.3 and 2.x (!) for the
ap_is_recursion_limit_exceeded function?


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