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From Michal Szymaniak <>
Subject DNS+HTTP redirection system inside an Apache module
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2003 21:06:04 GMT


for those of you who are interested in doing weird things in Apache,
I would like to advertise NetAirt -- a brand new redirection system inside
an Apache module. It supports both DNS- and HTTP-based redirection,
and can be used to implement Akamai-like 2-level redirection system.
And yes, it implements a UDP server inside an Apache module (although
with a few-lines patch).

As for replica selection, NetAirt can select topologically-proximal
replica servers based to network distance (AS-hops); classical stuff,
such as normal DNS operation (name-to-IP), and round-robin address
selection is also supported.

Available at:
(src, docs, relevant papers)

Live demo:

Comments welcome :-)

Michal Szymaniak | |

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