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From "Ronald K Park, Jr" <>
Subject Re: Two mod_include problems
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 21:02:39 GMT
Ok, I've finally created a simple example.  Unfortunately, I'm
working from home today and having trouble getting the file on
my local machine to send as an attachment.

You need to make sure includes are turned on with the following:

AddOutputFilter BUCKETEER;INCLUDES .html

Simple create a file in your docroot, say 'if.html', and put in
the following:

BeforeIf<!--#if expr="$X" -->preIfBlock<cntl-F>postIfBlock<!--#else 
-->ElseBlock<!--#endif -->AfterIf

(replace the <cntl-F> with a control F :)

You'll see that (incorrectly) the first part of the text block in
the 'if' part is spit out but not the second part... and (correctly)
the text of the 'else' part.


Cliff Woolley wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Ron Park wrote:
>>We're trying to come up with nice simple test cases to
>>show the problems (all ours involve a proprietary module
>>and mod_proxy but they should be recreatable with some
>>carefully crafted file sizes).
> The file sizes don't even need to be carefully crafted if you use
> mod_bucketeer to strategically break up the buckets and brigades, right?
> --Cliff

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