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From Ken Ashcraft <>
Subject What is the point of aprutil.exp?
Date Sun, 27 Jul 2003 05:18:44 GMT

I'm trying to run the Metacompiler ( It
uses compile-time analysis to find bugs) on httpd-2.0.47.  I'm very new
to the source base, so I'd appreciate your help on the following:  I'm
having trouble figuring out where a bunch of function pointers are
used.  It appears that functions like


are only ever used in the files server/exports.c and
srclib/apr/exports.c.  These exports.c files are concatenated to
aprutil.exp during the build process, but I don't understand what
aprutil.exp is used for.  I don't see it referenced anywhere else.  And
those functions mentioned above manage to get linked into some .so
files, but I don't see who calls them.  

Is this how modules interface with the core code?  If so, does that mean
that these functions can be called asynchronously?

thanks for your help,

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