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From "Conti, Chris" <>
Subject RE: APR_BUCKET_BUFF_SIZE question
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 12:41:01 GMT
This is the same issue I was dealing with in mod_proxy 
that I submitted the patch for in 'BUG 19954 [PATCH] HTTP 
tunneling through reverse proxy does not always work'.  In my case
I didn't care what the read size was, but I needed to forward
on whatever had been read, even if it was less than
8000 bytes.

Obviously, the patch I submitted was specific to mod_proxy,
but the root issue is the same.
Chris Conti

> The buffer size is not 8K... it's 8000.  8K is what's 
> actually allocated,

> I still don't see what problem you're trying to solve, 
> though, by wanting
> a configurable buffer size?
> --Cliff

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