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From Chris Knight <>
Subject "hello world" example module...?
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 20:45:10 GMT
Would there be any interest in including example modules with the Apache 
source distribution? And/or could a complete example module be included 
in the documentation for developers? (Personally I'd prefer it be 
included in the source distribution...The web documentation has become 
quite out of date in places and it's more likely to be current if it 
could be included in the distribution test suite.)

Yesterday, in trying to convey how to implement a module, I developed a 
"hello world" example module that has a "handler" hook that responds 
with a canned message to all requests. (It demonstrates hooks, and I 
have a slightly more complex example showing how to read per-directory 

I would have found a barebones example immensely useful and would have 
saved me much time and code-grepping.

Anyways, I've attached my "hello world" module. Please 
comment/correct/chastise as you see fit, I am by no means an expert. ;^>

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