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Subject Re: PerChild Error
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2003 14:36:13 GMT
Pablo Yaggi wrote:
> It doesn't dump anything, i have this
> CoreDumpDirectory /tmp/
> and it dumps nothing there.

ok, that looks good so far...

> What I saw is that a new process for the site (user pablo)
> is being started about 2 seconds all the time and
> each process logs what I mention before, so I think
> the process is not even starting in the right way.
> The main process is starting, because I can stablish
> a connection with a browser, but the request is never
> attended.
> Please let me know how I can log something else or
> dump the core. I can't open the process with gdb because
> the process is dieing permantly, is it any usefull for you a dump from
> the main process? wich kind ?.
> Yes I 'm using linux, version 2.4.21 from mandrake 9.1

There is a fix in the open source version of 2.0.46

...which allows coredumps on Linux when you start httpd as root and code 
CoreDumpDirectory in httpd.conf.  If you start httpd as non-root, it should just 
work (i.e., you don't need the fix), assuming CoreDumpDirectory points to 
somewhere like /tmp where the non-root user can create files.

Pablo Yaggi wrote:
 > I forgot this in my last post, output from httpd -V
 > Server version: Apache-AdvancedExtranetServer/2.0.46

I don't know what is in this vendor's version of Apache.  You might want to talk 
to them, or try the open source version.


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