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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: Error on Apache 2.0.43 compilation on AIX 4.3.2
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 12:53:53 GMT
Rahul Kohli wrote:

> exports.c:1892: redefinition of `ap_hack_apr_array_copy_hdr'
> exports.c:808: `ap_hack_apr_array_copy_hdr' previously defined here
> exports.c:1893: redefinition of `ap_hack_apr_array_append'
> exports.c:809: `ap_hack_apr_array_append' previously defined here
> exports.c:1894: redefinition of `ap_hack_apr_array_pstrcat'
> exports.c:810: `ap_hack_apr_array_pstrcat' previously defined here
> exports.c:1895: redefinition of `ap_hack_apr_table_make'
> exports.c:811: `ap_hack_apr_table_make' previously defined here
> exports.c:1896: redefinition of `ap_hack_apr_table_copy'

Any chance that due to symlinks there are two different names to access 
your Apache source directory with?  There is currently a problem with 
the build system in such a setup.  A number of Solaris users have 
encountered this when unpacking Apache in /usr/src, since the default 
Solaris setup has /usr/share/src and /usr/src pointing to the same location.

If this is the situation, you need to unpack Apache into a directory 
with no symlinks in the path and build again.

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