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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: FW: httpd.exp for Apache 2.0.43
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 13:58:48 GMT
Rahul Kohli wrote:

> 1)  If the 2.0.45 header files will be backwards compatible with apache 2.0.43.

Here is how we would state it:

Build your module for 2.0.43 and it will work with 2.0 releases >= 2.0.43.

There is no promise that your module will load into an older Apache, and 
you may rely on compatible data structure changes (e.g., some field 
added to end of request_rec with 2.0.45) that aren't in the older Apache.

> 2)  We were able to load library by doing away with -G option  and adding the apr.exp
and aprutil.exp. 
> The final link line being :
> /usr/vacpp/bin/makeC++SharedLib_r  -p 0 -bnoipath ../../Rosette30/unix/lib/aix-xlC_r/
> :SRE -berok -bnoentry -blibpath:/usr/lib/threads:/usr/ibmcxx/lib:/usr/lib:/lib -s -bI:/usr/IBMIHS/modules/httpd.exp
-bI:/usr/IBMIHS/lib/apr.exp -bI:/usr/IBMIHS/lib/aprutil.exp -bE:my_lib.exp
> Please can you suggest why -G option is preventing our library to load as this flag is
required to produce the shared object. As we are using makeC++SharedLib_r instead of ld.

I don't know off the top of my head.  The way to find out is to take the 
  DSO linked with -brtl (instead of -G, that was my bug) and

1) use dump -Hv to see what libraries the DSO wants, and verify that 
they can all be loaded, either by the default search order built into 
the DSO or via LIBPATH

2) use dump -Tv to see what symbols the DSO imports, and verify that 
something loaded before the DSO actually exports such symbols

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