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From Chris Knight <>
Subject mod_mime.c#find_ct() redux (Re: automatic type identification (by extension) in virtual DAV repositories)
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 18:33:19 GMT
First, apologies for being dense with regards to ModMimeUsePathInfo, the 
issue regarding Content-Type auto-identification has nothing to do with 
this directive.

In doing some debugging, with mod_dav_fs (with DEBUG_GET_HANDLER defined 
in repos.c) I've found that find_ct is not called to identify the type. 
I'm assuming the inability to run PHP scripts from a DAV server is the 
same problem. Bug or feature?

Is there any way to at least access the extension_mappings hash?

Also, I would highly recommend that testing of Apache include testing 
the GET handler in mod_dav_fs. There are other backends (Catacomb, ?) 
that use mod_dav as their front-end and who handle GETs themselves and 
we're running into these issues.

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