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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: FW: httpd.exp for Apache 2.0.43
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 12:16:51 GMT
Rahul Kohli wrote:

> I was able to resolve the shmmat error by exporting the environment variable EXTSHM.
> Please suggest me how can I  make my library compatible to later versions as well. Right
now I 
 >have made a change to remove -G and -brtl option and using apr.exp , 
> The link line is mentioned below: 
> /usr/vacpp/bin/makeC++SharedLib_r  -p 0 -bnoipath ../../Rosette30/unix/lib/aix-xlC_r/
> M:SRE -berok -bnoentry -blibpath:/usr/lib/threads:/usr/ibmcxx/lib:/usr/lib:/lib -s -bI:/usr/IBMIHS/modules/http
> d.exp -bI:/usr/IBMIHS/lib/apr.exp -bI:/usr/IBMIHS/lib/aprutil.exp -bE:my_lib.exp
> But how can I make this work on 2.0.45 version and later. Kindly suggest.

If you stick with the import file method (httpd.exp, apr.exp, aprutil.exp):

if you build with Apache >= 2.0.45

=> no issue

if you build with Apache >= 2.0.42 (my recommendation, since API is 
unchanged since 2.0.41 and 2.0.42 was the first such GA release)

=> users need to create the symlinks> and> for 2.0.45 and 2.0.46, and we should 
consider creating the symlinks automatically for future 2.0 releases

If you get run-time linking to work:

=> no issue

But I understand that you don't have this method working yet :)

The way I debug DSO loading issues on AIX is to look at the dump output 
from the DSO to see what symbols it is trying to resolve (and whether 
from main executable or runtime linking or some named library).  The 
dump output you sent privately when you were building the module with 
run-time linking had a reference to what looks like a C++-language 


Did you resolve that issue?

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