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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Avoid unnecessary brigade splits on core input and output filters. WAS: EOS or FLUSH buckets
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 06:55:47 GMT
--On Tuesday, June 10, 2003 4:59 PM -0400 Juan Rivera <> 

> I'm including a patch that fixes this problem. It does what I mentioned
> below. In the input filter, it moves the buckets rather than creating a new
> brigade and then concatenate. In the output filter it splits the brigade
> after a flush bucket only if there are buckets after the flush.

What you are really wanting to do is a partial concatenation of the brigade. 
Something like (not there, but it could be easily added):


The difference between APR_BRIGADE_CONCAT_UNTIL and APR_BRIGADE_CONCAT would 
be that ctx->b may still have content if e is encountered.  APR_BRIGADE_CONCAT 
(and APR_RING_CONCAT) are O(1), but this'd be O(n), but that's okay as it'd 
save the space of the new brigade in comparison to 
apr_brigade_split/apr_brigade_concat, I guess.

You should reconstruct the AP_MODE_SPECULATIVE case to do a partial for loop 
rather than apr_brigade_split, etc.  An APR_BRIGADE_CONCAT_UNTIL isn't enough 
as you want to copy the buckets, but a simple for-loop should do.

Skip the APR_BRIGADE_CONCAT at the end as newbb should be empty if you follow 
the above strategies.

I think the output FLUSH part looks okay.

I'd also suggest reading over our style guide.  Please watch your indention, 
C++-style comments, and tabs.  It makes your patch almost impossible to 
review.  Since it's attached with application/octet-stream I can't review it 
inline either.

Back to my mad-paper-writing cave... -- justin

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