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From Pablo Yaggi <>
Subject Re: Worker hungs ..
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 17:46:14 GMT
Yes, my worker does, because I'm running apache as root (BIG_SECURITY_HOLE) enabled, because
my module drops down to less priveleged user id. So maybe the fact I change the userid (real)
and it never
come back to root is the problem.

About disabling the module, the problem is I have it running in a production server, I know
is risky to use 
a development scenario in production, but it is done. Anyway I'll try to set up a diferent
server and check
that, but the problem is that I need some trafic to do so. 

I tryed to open one of hunged processes with gdb, but it said Can´t get registers, so I couldn´t
dump the stack, any help ?

Sorry I missed this before, I'm using Linux  version 2.4.21, gcc version 3.2.2, and apache


On Monday 16 June 2003 10:30 am, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Pablo Yaggi wrote:
>  >the module hooks the translate_hook and the it switches from root to a
>  >less privileged id
> The worker MPM doesn't process connections as root.
> > Could my module be the problem ?
> When you banged on the server without your module loaded, did it hang or
> not?
> If you can only duplicate the hang with your own module loaded, you need
> to identify which activity done by your module provokes the problem.
> Maybe a debugger will help, maybe you need to add #if 0 around different
> processing until you find which code is directly related to the problem.

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