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From felix zaslavskiy <>
Subject some problems with worker mpm and threads
Date Sun, 08 Jun 2003 03:33:34 GMT
I am not sure if this is even best list for this question.

I trying to get apache 2.0.46,45 to run on NetBSD-current.
NetBSD-current has a new native pthread implementation that may be not
stable at this time so this may not not be a problem directly with
apache at all.

If i create apache with few threads per child say eight then everything
works fine.  When i up the thread count to say 64 and create about 4
children i get the following error log. 

[crit] the listener thread did not exit 
this comes from worker.c line 1126 

Also apache goes into an infinit loop right at the time of getting the
first request.

I dont particualy have knowledge of httpd codebase and the comments
associated with this error message i do not understad. Would someone be
kind enought to eleborate what may be the cause of this error who is
familiar with it ?

thanks in advace.

felix zaslavskiy

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