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From "kibble" <>
Subject Apache 2, Module, Structuring and Data handling help...
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2003 15:03:08 GMT
I have attached the module in question to the email...

This module handles data in the structure 'kzvhd_config_rec'.

There I'm exchanging data to and from a mysql db.
In the function 'kzvhd_translate_name' do you guy and gals have any
personal views on how I can handle the data better, or in a "correct"
manner. I'm not an expert at c and only started picking up the Apache
API just over a week ago... so anything would be great ... I have had a
few pointers from people on here and so far their help has been

I did have another module before this, and I was trying to use an array
to cache the records... but when I tried to retrieve a record from the
array, it would completely different from what I had set it from

Anyways, back to this module, anything you can see straight off that I
should change or improve that would be straight forwards to change? I
plan to release version 1.0.1 after this one which will go on public
release. I wouldn't want people to use my module and find that it is
rubbish because I used some incorrect syntax that I could have fixed,
just because I didn't ask someone else's opinion.

Thanks in advance, kibble

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