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From André Malo>
Subject PR 20195: should we ignore RewriteRules ...
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 22:40:18 GMT non-trailing-slash directories?

The following situation happens:

one calls <> where foo is a directory on the server
containing a htaccess file with rewrite rules. This htaccess will be
"executed" by calling the URL. As stated in PR 20195 the path won't be
stripped from r->filename and the rewriterules match on the actual system
(the path is /system/path/to/foo/ (with trailing slash) and therefore can't
be stripped from /system/path/to/foo (without slash))

One could check that and strip it anyway but the behaviour is probably not
desired (path confusions). I'd suggest, let's ignore the rules in such a
The attached patch does this. Opinion anyone?

die (eval q-qq:Just Another Perl Hacker

# André Malo, <> #

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