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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Please review the mod_negotiation patch
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 23:43:35 GMT
* André Malo wrote:

> Folks,

any considerations on this?

> there's a mod_negotiation patch (the "prefer-language" thing) hanging around
> in the status file for months. I'm at the stage now, I want to use the
> feature provided there for our docs. Just another explanation: I've set up
> an example that you may imagine, why the patch would be useful in 2.0, too:
> displays the language, your browser sends via "Accept-Language". Now I'v set
> up a somewhat complex set of RewriteRules (in a .htaccess file), that map
> virtual directories for every language we provide to the same physical
> directory. Try for example
> and you'll get the German version, regardless of your browser's preferences.
> If you try a document which isn't translated yet (e.g.
> <>) you'll get again the one
> which matches best your preferences. (I've called that algorithm "forced
> negotiation" :-).
> However, there are plans for a long time to add some cross-language links
> with exactly that feature to the docs. The problem is - if we want to
> distribute it with our releases, we cannot force the people to use
> mod_rewrite just to *read their docs*. The mod_negotiation patch provides
> the key feature, after that we are able to use modules that are still
> expected to be available (mod_alias, mod_setenvif and mod_negotiation).
> Please consider some words about this topic.
> Thanks, nd
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>> Shell-Escape ist ja noch klar, aber `Zusatzeinrichtung'?
> extension?
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