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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Problems with language negotiated SSI pages...
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 22:43:58 GMT
* Brad Nicholes wrote:

>    Has anybody seen any problems with language negotiated SSI pages?  If
> I configure Apache to parse .shtml pages and I have a document called
> index.shtml, everything seems to work correctly.  But if the same
> document is called index.shtml.en, I get the page but it doesn't seem to
> go through the includes_filter().  This only seems to be a problem with
> the 2.1 tree.  The tagged 2.0 code seems to work fine.

Hmm. How is it configured? Are you calling index.shtml.en directly or via
multiviews as index.shtml?

...can you exclude that it has something to do with DirectoryIndex?

>I have tried using ErrorDocument 401, but doesn't work.
Oh dear.  What does it do - lounge around on the couch all day drinking
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