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From Andrew Ho <>
Subject Re: parent process running only
Date Fri, 16 May 2003 19:08:47 GMT

PD>Anyone ever see this scenario:
PD>where all the preforked children on apache1.3.27 have exited, and only
PD>the parent is running ??

I've often seen this situation; the symptom is "apachectl stop" makes the
children go away, and the parent lingers, ignoring any further non-SIGKILL
signals. I've never attempted to debug it because the only time I ever see
it is when I want the server to really go away, so I just kill -9 that
lingering parent process.

Some correlations that do not imply causation: it only seems to happen on
httpds that have a large amount of load on them. It seems like it happens
more often if SSL and/or mod_perl are involved, and if the server has been
up for a long time. It has never happened for me on vanilla httpds that
have been up for a short time.



Andrew Ho     
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